Absofacto is a musical gem. Discovering this artist was like finding a buried treasure – I definitely struck gold! The talented genius who creates this absolutely fantastic music is, Jonathan Visger. I recently reached out to him and was fortunate enough to get a quick Q&A. Enjoy!

Vanessa: Musical inspiration?
Jonathan Visger: I’m inspired by the random collision of seemingly disparate ideas, and how you can carefully intertwine them so tightly that you can’t imagine them ever being separate again.

V: How would you classify your sound?
Jonathan: A constantly-evolving bubbling cauldron of chill beats, pretty melodies, and surprising production flourishes. It swings back and forth between an indie pop vibe and something a bit more electronic and obtuse

V: Do you have a favorite song from any of the EPs you’ve released?
Jonathan: My favorites are “80844264@81 (Love Song)” from the Kiko 7″, “This Life,” “Gnat Years,” “I’m Gonna Make My Move,” “The Stupidest Things,” and “Books About Nothing.” I love all of my songs for different reasons (even ones that bug me in hindsight), but for me those six exemplify the combination of having all elements executed in just the way I wanted (lyrics, structure, groove, production, etc.), while also having a peculiar magic to them that you can’t quite pin down.

V: In another life you’d be _
Jonathan: Exactly the same, only slightly shorter.

…or for the non cop-out version, maybe I’d be the right hand man and confidant of some charismatic and idealistic leader. I fancy myself more the wizard-behind-the-curtain type.

V: Music is __
Jonathan: The closest thing to pure, unadulterated magic that I’m aware of in this world. A good song is like a spell. Something you can be mystified by and even learn enough about to be able to recreate and manipulate, but can never fully understand the mechanisms that make it so powerful.

Check out Absofacto’s latest EP, Loners. It’s absofactolutely amazing!