I stumbled upon City of the Sun on the streets of Manhattan with a friend. I don’t normally stop for street performances, but they were on a completely different level.

What amazed me was that it doesn’t take this band much to produce music that is so beautifully powerful: three men, two guitars, a box kit, and some bells. Their sound resonates in the air, and I was immediately captivated.

They’re acoustic and they’re instrumental. They don’t need words because the music speaks for itself. Finding them in the Flatiron District made me appreciate instrumental music all over again.

They have a soft rock vibe mixed with jazz. The guitars strumming produce a Spanish-inspired sound that reminds me of Santana. City of the Sun’s style is altogether mesmerizing and lives up to their name.

As soon as I close my eyes, I feel like the day has just started and I’m in a dream.