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Melody Darlene
WATCH: The Maker Author:   ·  September 14th, 2012

Christopher Kezelos, The Maker, is visually stunning, magical, & 100% brilliant! The attention to detail in this stop motion animation is incredible and the production and design is just wonderful. No dialogue is needed in this short; the beautifully done music score says a million words without saying one.

Watch as, “a strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.” The Maker fully embodies the it’s tagline, “Life is what you make it.” Ahh yes, life is INDEED what you make it and what a way to get this message across! I was so captivated, so when the film was over, I wasn’t ready for it. I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened to the creature? What happened to the creature’s creation? What happened to the time? What happened to… well, you get the idea.

Dearest Mr. Kezelos, please make this into a full length animated feature film – you and your team really are something special.

Looking forward to see what Christopher Kezelos comes up with next!




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