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Melody Darlene
WATCH: Belly Author:   ·  August 10th, 2012

I must’ve watched this 5845740 times already! Julia Pott’s Belly is an evocative tale of love, hope, and loss. It’s incredibly beautiful and sad at the same time. Pott takes you on a journey inside her imaginative world filled with magical creatures, colors, and brilliant animation. The characters and imagery allowed me to escape from myself and revert back to my inner child. I was drawn into this alternate state of consciousness that I can’t fully put into words. But, perhaps that’s just it… words aren’t really needed, which is why they are minimal in this short.

The film’s tagline, “I feel you in my belly,” is a play on the saying, “I feel it in my belly,” which is a reference to intuition, instinct… your “gut.” After watching I was compelled to share with friends because the emotion was so telling! Dianna added, “It is incredible!!!!!!!!! Oh my! I smiled, laughed, got a little teary-eyed…… Just wonderful.”

We, here at YM&C, fell in love with Pott’s work, so expect a Q+A from Di with Julia very soon!

Ok, enough of me EXPLAINING how wonderful Belly is, just WATCH and see for yourself.




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