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David Foster Wallace – “This is Water” [Short Film] Author:   ·  May 16th, 2013

In 2005 the late author David Foster Wallace presented the commencement address to Kenyon College’s graduating class. His speech was staggering – an honest, compelling, beautifully constructed message to students about life after college. Stripped of the hyperbole and empty affirmations that are typically included commencement speeches, Wallace paints a more realistic and much more inspiring picture of the world.

Last week, The Glossary, a creative agency based in Los Angeles created this incredible visual representation of  Wallace’s words. When I watched it, I was floored. The film brings his message to life in a way I couldn’t have even imagined. Everyone owes it to themselves to set aside 10 minutes to watch this film.

And keep reminding yourself, this is water… :)



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