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Alexandra Hulme
“The Audition” By Celia Rowlson-Hall Author:   ·  February 13th, 2013

Celia Rowslon-Hall is one of the most fearless artists I have ever met. “The Audition” is her beautiful and brutally honest depiction of the lengths one might go through to make it in ‘SHOWBIZ!’

She states,
“The Audition”
is for every
out there.

But I have no doubt that first and foremost, “The Audition” is something she made primarily for herself. Waving goodbye to an era of auditioning, Celia has put on her directing boots full time. Along with having two short films play at SXSW this year, (“Si Nos Dejan”& “The Audition”) Celia will also be directing her first feature film in 2013.

See more of Celia’s work here:

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Alexandra is an artist, performer and life researcher based between New York and Los Angeles. A painty-handed pioneer who shares her work through a blooming interplay of filmmaking, photography, writing and live performance. She has a beating passion for putting on shows, gardening the soul and building dreamlands with friends. Alexandra is so thankful to be a part of Charlie and to get to meet, learn, create, inspire & DREAM with each and every one of you.

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