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Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Paul Williams Portrait

You Me and Charlie
Movie Night – “Paul Williams: Still Alive” Author:   ·  November 5th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago we took to Tumblr to begin a new type of collaboration with our creative, talented readers…that’s YOU! This was our call to action:

What do you say to a YM&C movie night!? This week the documentary, “Paul Williams: Still Alive” caught our attention. Take a look at the premise: “Paul Williams: Still Alive is the charmingly self-narrated story of [director] Stephen Kessler’s lifelong obsession with the former superstar [Williams], and what happens when the nostalgic filmmaker finally catches up with him.”

For us, watching a good movie is a gift that keeps on giving. The right film can inspire us for days, weeks, years…spark ideas for new projects, get us obsessing over new music, and make us think of a time or place in a whole new way. We would love to see what you creatively-inclined people can do with this wonderful film! So, here’s the plan…set aside some time one night this week. Invite friends, pets, neighbors?! (Or just keep this our secret). Watch the film along with us (it was just released on iTunes and Amazon VOD). Once you’ve watched, get busy! Create a piece of work, small or large, inspired by Paul Williams. It can be a soundtrack/playlist for the film, a review, a portrait of Williams, a collage, a costume?! We want to see what you can do, and we would love to feature your work on the site! This is for you! The YOU in You, Me and Charlie.

We knew you guys would not disappoint, but we still weren’t expecting just how incredible the response would be. For our first Movie Night featured submission, we bring you this digital portrait from an incredibly talented reader, Tantoun [above]. Here, Tantoun shares a little about herself and her inspiration behind the piece:

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Tantoun Bio“My name is Tantoun. I have been drawing since I was nine. Im a self taught artist, I mainly do digital art but I also paint in oil and water colors as well as pencil sometimes. My inspiration for this portrait comes from the scene where [Paul Williams] was in the elevator and the way he looked at his picture on the wall. It was like he was proud of what he became, of where he was at that moment.This piece took about three hours of work on adobe photoshop cs5, I used a 21ux wacom cintiq to draw it. The colors represent the person he became, so simple yet happy.. I just went for it I sketched it first and then added the lighting & the shadows and after the skin was complete I started adding more lighting and shadows with other colors to give it that dramatic look. “

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our first YM&C Movie Night! In case you need just a little bit more Paul Williams, here is a playlist to accompany the post, courtesy of another wonderful reader, Kaily!

Which movie would you like to see featured in the next YM&C Movie Night? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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