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Miu Miu Presents: “It’s Getting Late” Author:   ·  October 2nd, 2012

It’s Getting Late is the latest in a series of short films by Miu Miu called  “The Women’s Tales”. Each of the films is created by a different leading female director. The fourth installment by Iranian-American screenwriter and director, Massy Tadjedin centers around four female characters (played by Gemma Arterton, Patricia Clarkson, Rinko Kikuchi and Aubrey Plaza) and culminates in a gripping cameo performance by musician Zola Jesus. It’s Getting Late premiered last month at the Venice Film Festival. Here is a short excerpt from Tadjedin about the film:

“Miu Miu is a distinctly feminine brand and one distinctively feminine ritual we all still make time for is getting ready. We make our faces, our suits, our selves just a little more ready for wherever it is we’re going. Fashion is never just the clothes. It’s our mood, our excitement for something, our expectations, our attitudes, our outlooks. Managing those is often what getting ready is all about and that’s what our short tries to capture.”

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - "It's Getting Late"

It’s Getting Late is beautifully filmed and carries a distinctively Miu Miu aesthetic – gauzy, sophisticated, and radiant. The camera follows each of the four women separately as they wind down their days and get ready to go out in the evening. The “still counterpoint” to these women is Zola Jesus, who remains motionless and turned away from the viewer until she steps out to perform at the end of the film, where the rest of the women gather as audience members. It’s Getting Late is captivating and accomplishes quite a lot in its simplicity. I love that without words the film carries a message about paths crossing in unexpected ways. Zola’s music and Tadjedin’s visuals mesh together to create real beauty from beginning to end.

Be sure to watch the rest of Miu Miu’s series, as well as a behind-the-scenes footage from It’s Getting Late here. For more from the talented Zola Jesus visit her website.


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