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Alexandra Hulme
Metaphorest – ITERATIONS Author:   ·  November 30th, 2012

Sarah Daly is the kind of writer who plucks you up from your everyday existence and transplants you into a world of your wildest dreams. Always taking you to an imaginary land filled with her own unique language where clocks might be called timetellers, ants elope with antelopes, and sometimes a man might even have a turnip for a head. Her reality is one I wish for ALL to experience. Sarah Daly, who goes by the music-making moniker METAPHOREST, is an Irish lady singer/songwriter/magician extraordinaire who I am lucky to call mon amie.

This music video features Metaphorest’s song titled ITERATIONS and was made with artists from all over the world using the website HitRECord.org. It is based on ‘The Journey of Jeanine’ by artist, SophieRumi (Hungary) and developed in collaboration with mirtle (Cyprus), ITERATIONS tells the coming of age story of a girl’s sometimes difficult and sometimes reluctant path to adulthood. Jeanine has a guide (Wolfred the wolf) and gets help and support along her journey, but in the end must set off on her own path. The piece is set to Metaphorest’s (Scotland) wonderful song, ITERATIONS and orchestrated by Robo_J (USA). The eye-popping animation is provided by the incredibly talented artist, fajigajiga (Canada). The worldwide community of hitRECord artists provided additional illustrations and instrumentation.

Sarah Daly recently released her debut album “Metaphorest, Volume 1” (available on iTunes) and her music can also be heard on a HitRECords brand new double vinyl album titled, Move on the Sun.

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - MetaphorestMetaphorest, Vol. I - Metaphorest

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Alexandra is an artist, performer and life researcher based between New York and Los Angeles. A painty-handed pioneer who shares her work through a blooming interplay of filmmaking, photography, writing and live performance. She has a beating passion for putting on shows, gardening the soul and building dreamlands with friends. Alexandra is so thankful to be a part of Charlie and to get to meet, learn, create, inspire & DREAM with each and every one of you.

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