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Jessica Eden
“Blue” By Amy Wolfe [Short Film] Author:   ·  February 11th, 2013

From the Channel 4 series “Random Acts” that premiered one of our favorite films of 2012, comes “Blue” by Amy Wolfe. Blue was Wolfe’s graduation film, based on an excerpt from Andrew Kaufman’s book “All my Friends are Superheroes”.

Synopsis: David Duncan is invisible. Despite his efforts to be noticed he continues to drift through life feeling ignored. Then, one day, someone causes David’s life to change and, finally, he finds out what it feels like to be seen.

The concept is simple and beautifully executed, and there is something about the style of the animation and narration that reminds me of Julia Pott. Plus, it’s Kaufman approved! His response? ‘I love it. I think it’s a beautiful and beautifully done. Congratulations’ - Andrew Kaufman

Agreed! Happy Monday!




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