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Melody Darlene December 29th, 2012

Melody Darlene’s Top Songs of 2012

What a year it’s been for music! Thanks to the rise in music sharing apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, & Pandora, now more than ever it’s easier to discover AND share new music. I’ve learned about so many amazing new artists this year thanks to the good ol’ internets. Narrowing down my best of 2012 to 5 songs was a seemingly impossible task, sooo I bended the rules a bit and listed a few more (what?). My musical palette can’t be defined, as I’m a lover of sooo many different sounds and genres — my playlist (in NO particular order) reflects just that. Enjoy! Read More

Dianna Agron's Top 5 Songs of 2012 - You Me & Charlie
Dianna Agron
December 28th, 2012

Dianna Agron’s Top 5 Songs of 2012

Music is my everything. No secret there. These were some of my favorites this year, although, this list is a hard one to make and I was also trying to not repeat any that the other lovely YM&C editors had chosen. So! Here we go! Read More

Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Ashley Arabian's Top 5 Songs of 2012
Ashley Arabian December 27th, 2012

Ashley Arabian’s Top 5 Songs of 2012

Alright, here are my top five favorite songs that have come out this year. When I love a song, I’ll play it on repeat on my car stereo for about a month. These songs make me want to dance and sing along, VERY LOUDLY in my driver’s seat, even though that’s not my best quality. But hey, who cares? I’m rocking out, okay? Now you do it: Read More

DIanna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Claire Oring's Top 5 Songs of 2012
Claire Oring
December 26th, 2012

Claire Oring’s Top 5 Songs of 2012

When YM&C brought up the idea of having editors pick their 5 favorite songs of the year it seemed almost impossible. The amount of beautiful music created this year is a bit overwhelming. However, these tracks below fell into place in a matter of minutes. These are the songs I couldn’t get out of my head this year, and didn’t really want to anyways. Read More