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Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Thomas James Gray

Dianna Agron
YOU, Me & Thomas James Gray Author:   ·  October 16th, 2012

Thomas James Gray is a gifted comedian. Watch the below & you’ll see what I mean. He agreed to a Q&A for YM&C, but I proposed a new kind of interview. I asked YOU to ask him questions and Tweet at him directly. Then Thomas picked his favorites to answer. Loved what you all came up with!


YOUR Questions

‏@__Batman_____: If you could go on a trip anywhere with friends and only a backpack, where would you go and what would you take?
TJG: I wouldn’t take any friends. Not cos I don’t have any (I’ve, like, over 6) but I’d not take anyone because I’d want to spend the holiday budget entirely on myself. I deserve it damn it. I suppose I’d just fill my backpack with said budget & see how far I got.

‏@skysplits13: Why did you want to be a comedian in the first place?
TJG: Watching the bloopers on sitcom DVDs.

@DiAgronArmy: What makes YOU laugh???
TJG: People hurting themselves & pulling silly faces. Delusion & confidence in the same person. Also, shows like Curb, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office (UK & US) Scrubs, Alan Partridge. In terms of books, I love the Without Feathers collection by Woody Allen & Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. But, obviously, there’s loads of other things like seeing a friend embarrassed or injuring himself in a funny way. Stuff like that.

@ana_cardenas: How did you find out you wanted to be a comedian?
TJG: Discovering I wanted to become a comedian was a gradual process that is still very much ongoing. It was number 11 on my list of things to do. I failed at the first 10.

@TyghTy: Do you have any philosophy prominently corresponding towards comedy or the likes?
TJG: No but I’ll make something up now. Laugh about what you know best. Which is yourself. Expose your own insecurities, particularly the ones you think others share. It seems to be a very hit & miss creative process so a bit of mild bravery & a thick skin is maybe required too.

@indazone23: Is there a comedian that inspires you or a favourite comedian?
TJG: Lots: Steve Coogan, Chris Morris, Armando Ianucci, Homer Simpson, Zach Braff, Steve Carell, Tim & Eric.

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Thomas J Gray


MY Questions

D: Who makes you laugh more than anyone?
TJG: Awkward people in awkward situations. And Charlie from Always Sunny. Lutz in 30 Rock.

D: Fill in the blanks: I feel __________ is __________ than __________.

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