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Paul Trillo Author:   ·  November 14th, 2012

Paul Trillo is an incredible young director, illustrator, writer, & storyteller – a true artist. His new music video for “Lonely” by The Peach Kings was recently selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick (no surprise there, it’s AMAZING). Trillo was kind enough to answer a few questions exclusively for our YM&C readers. Watch the video, and read what Trillo has to share with us about his inspirations, partnership with The Peach Kings, and what’s in store for him next!

Luigi: We know you’ve worked with The Peach Kings before for their video “Thieves and Kings”. How did the partnership come about?
PAUL TRILLO: The Peach Kings (Paige Wood and Steven Dies) are friends of mine so when we talk about making something, they trust me to do whatever I want. There is no treatment process or anything like that. I basically tell them a vague idea of what we want to do and we do it. Both videos have been sort of impromptu/experimental, not knowing if the idea will work in the end. Since we’re all friends there’s nothing to lose if the video doesn’t work out.

Luigi: How did the concept behind the “Lonely” video arise? What was your inspiration?
PAUL: The concept was to visualize loneliness, a feeling that can be pretty abstract or vague. I wanted to capture something that is missing. A presence that is felt but not seen. Paige tied to the chair was a last minute idea, but it came out of the thought that loneliness can be very restricting. Also there is no visible “cut” or edit in the video which gives the impression as if a lone viewer is watching this scene.

Luigi: How were you able to achieve the “empty bodies” effect in the video?
PAUL: I like to play with effects in nontraditional ways. I had started thinking about green screen suits and what else you could do with them. The suits were chroma-keyed much like you would remove the color from a green screen; leaving the figure transparent. If don’t do a clean chroma key some of the highlight and shadow details left behind, giving off a haunting effect.

Luigi: What projects do you have coming up?
PAUL:  I’m hoping to explore this effect of “empty bodies” further and see how far I can push it. Right now the concept is more of an experimental short but it may develop into a music video.

We can’t wait to see what Trillo creates next! To see more, visit…

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Paul Trillopaultrillo.com

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