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Dianna Agron's YM&C - MEET: Wild Nothing

Spencer Moya
MEET: Wild Nothing Author:   ·  September 27th, 2012

Hm… dream pop. Doesn’t that genre put the most magical images into your head? I’ll guarantee that whatever you just dreamed up would sound perfect against a soundtrack provided by Wild Nothing. The mastermind behind the band, Jack Tatum, had the crowd drifting side to side in a wonderful mid-afternoon haze during FYF. His latest album, Nocturne, is rich in both sound and lyrics. I suggest listening on a lovely Fall walk this afternoon. Happy Thursday!

Spencer Moya: So, I am here with Jack from Wild Nothing. How’s it going man?
JACK: It’s going well. How are you doing?

S: Good, good. So, question number one: what is the meaning behind your band’s name, Wild Nothing?
JACK: Ha, uh…people always ask that. Honestly, there’s not much meaning behind it. I don’t know if that’s disappointing to anybody, but, really it’s a name so… it was one of those things where, I was trying to think of a band name, and you’re going through a million different combinations of words . And, for whatever reason that was something that I came up with and it stuck and I thought that it fit the music somehow, I don’t know why but it just does.

S: What would you say is the main difference between creating your last album and creating your newest album?
JACK: I mean there’s a couple main differences. The first one being that the second album was recorded in a studio, which was new to me, because I really wanted to kind of “up” the production value on this one and make it a little cleaner and more put together. And also, the other big difference for me was just knowing that there were people that were already aware of my music, because with the first album there really wasn’t much of an audience. You know, it was a very new thing, being a new artist, I kind of had to build from the bottom up. So now, just knowing that there were people that were interested and excited about the album was cool for me and influenced the way I wanted to make the album. Those were probably the two biggest differences.

S: Where did you record your new record?
JACK: I recorded at this studio called “Rare Book Room” which is in Brooklyn. It’s run by this guy Nicholas Vernhes who has worked with a handful of contemporary artists (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Bjork, and a few others). I moved to New York right before I finished the album, and the studio is in my same neighborhood and I had met Nicholas before. It just made sense to do it there for me, it was just super easy and super fun. He ended up having a big role in the album, I think. I do everything myself (write all the parts) and the first time I recorded everything myself, so having someone else there to direct me was cool.

Dianna Agron's YM&C - MEET: Wild Nothing[Photo Credit: Claire Oring]

S: So, you live in New York right now. What is your favorite part about that city?
JACK: It’s funny, I feel like I’m not your typical New Yorker…I’m kind of a homebody. But, that being said, I love being in New York because there’s always that option. I live in Greenpoint and I really love living there- it’s one of the quieter spots in Brooklyn but it’s also really close to Williamsburg and just a train ride away from Manhattan. There’s always stuff going on. It’s expensive as f*ck but you get what you pay for, definitely.

S: I feel like everything in NY is pretty pricey…
JACK: It is, especially for me…I grew up in Virginia where everything is dirt cheap so it’s kind of a shocker at first.

S: So, a lot of reviewers have called your music “dream pop”. If you could create any genre that only your music was in, what would it be called?
JACK: Hmm…good question. I don’t know! I think it would have the term “pop” in it. I think of my music as pop music, but skewed in a way. Like skewed pop music. I think there’s elements about it that’s very “classic pop”; all about hooks and the immediacy of a pop song. But, I also am interested in a lot of different kinds of music.

S: Speaking of favorite musicians…what is your favorite musician right now?
JACK: My favorite musician now…um…I listen to so much music, I don’t know. I’ve been listening to a lot of “Clan of Xymox” which is like an early, 4 A.D. Goth band. I’ve been listening to this old band called “Please”, it’s like a UK psych pop band from the 60s. I don’t know, all kinds of stuff.

S: Do you have any favorite photographers or painters or anything that might inspire you on a day to day?
JACK: Ya, I definitely like a lot of modern art. Like, Rauchenberg I really like. I feel like I’m probably more drawn to film, like Godard… and, more recently, have you seen the movie “Slacker” [by] Richard Linklater? I really love that movie. We were just in Austin, so that was fun (because that’s where the movie takes place). I don’t know… I’m probably more influenced by film than other art forms.

S: Cool, well thanks so much.
JACK: Yeah, totally. Thank you.

LISTEN: Wild Nothing - Nocturne

Nocturne - Wild Nothing

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