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MEET: Tommy & The High Pilots Author:   ·  September 23rd, 2012

We’ve highlighted Tommy & The High Pilots before, and are happy to share some news…straight from their mouths, and the studio. They are hard at work on their second album and we can’t wait to hear their next steps.

Pilots here! 

Between our rigorous touring schedule we have been buckling down on writing and demoing songs for our fourth record. It’s a very busy, experimental and exciting time. We don’t limit ourselves to a particular style or approach when creating new material, each song is its own world, which will eventually fill out the universe.

As it stands, we’re currently working with about 25 songs. There is a great level of scrutiny during the process! Many ideas get shot down, reworked or lost forever. Also, many of these ideas have been floating around for well over a year, so you can imagine much perspective is lost! That’s where the producer comes in!

This time out we’re taking a slightly different approach and, as it stands, working with a few different producers, one of whom is Matt Wallace. (Maroon 5, Faith No More, The Replacements, Sugarcult….) We couldn’t be more pumped on working with him, an immensely talented, amazing individual! You can expect to hear our usual take on Americana rock, pop and folk with some new sonic elements, yet to be heard from our upcoming studio sessions. (What could they be???) You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Meanwhile, here’s a vid of us covering the Talking Heads in NYC on our last tour (above). Thought you might enjoy it!

Do you remember their Q&A?

Dianna Agron's YM&C - MEET: Tommy & The High Pilots

Dianna Agron: “Where to Start” was my introduction to the band. I think I described it as feeling like being Julia Roberts running through a field smiling at the sky. Something like that. It’s a good thing. How does this song rank amongst your others?
TOM: It’s high up there for sure. I wrote it when I was 20 and living
in New York and it still has legs with us. It’s our closer at every
show so it’s an important part of the impression we want to leave on
people. (Totally down with the Julia Roberts imagery, but only if it’s in slow-mo).

D: Name five descriptive words for each of you.
MIKE: Sexy, Muscular, Charming, Handsome, Awesome.
STEVE: Hairy, Glowing, Photogenic, Smokey, Male
MATT: Wise, Shy, Team Player, Rythmic, Italian-Stallion
TOM: Dancer, Prancer, Skipper, Jumper, Enthusiast

D: When you’re in a band, on average, per week, how much time do you spend with each other?
TOM: When we’re on the road it’s 24/7, which can be for months on end.
We’re a full-time band so even at home we’re together all the time,
working on new music and laughing of memories past.

D: Am I wrong in thinking you are from Santa Barbara?
TOM: You’re spot on.

D: All of you? If not, where are you each from?
TOM: Our drummer Matt is from Houston, Texas but we dont hold it against
him. He’s a Santa Barbara transplant now.

D: I know this may be hard, but what is one of the greatest songs you’ve ever heard?
MATT: God Only Knows, Beach Boys
TOM: Unforgettable, Nat King Cole
MIKE: Oh My Sweet Carolina, Ryan Adams
STEVE: You make me feel so young, Frank Sinatra

D: If you were to put five random things in your suitcase, besides the basic essentials (clothes, underwear, toothbrush) what would you bring?
TOM: Books, records, movies, coffee, Basketball (assuming it’s an odd
shaped suitcase)

D: What is your most random inspiration. I’m on a random kick, it seems.
TOM: After I started watching “Dexter” I wrote a darker themed song about a
vigilante. I dont usually get influenced to write by TV shows, though
the NEWS seems to get the wheels spinning.

D: Love is better than __________.
TOM: Music.

D: Music is better than __________.
TOM: Love.

Are you looking forward to hearing more from these guys as much as we are??

Dianna Agron's YM&C: Tommy & The High Pilots@TheHighPilots
Sawhorse Sessions - EP - Tommy & The High Pilots

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