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MEET: Sucré Author:   ·  September 1st, 2012

A couple months back when “When we were young” came across our radar here at the Charlie HQ, we knew we had to do something with this MAGICKAL band. Serendipitously, we ended up hooking up with Stacy, Darren and Jeremy on their way through Los Angeles for their show at The Bootleg Theater – we bopped around town, watched them rehearse, snack on Red Vines and pick out outfits for their show. After spending a wonderful day with easily the kindest and most humble group of individuals, we sat down and got into some of the intimate details that make Sucré so special. There’s a little touch of romance, history, KISMET, you know – the usual. Charlie stuff.

See what Sucré had to say when they sat down with YM&C to talk about how the band started, their creative process and what we can expect to see from them next. Enjoy!


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