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Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - MEET: The Oceanics

Luigi Picarazzi
MEET: Oceanics Author:   ·  August 25th, 2012

We love the sounds of indie brit-pop Australian band, Oceanics. Check out our Q&A with the quartet!

YM&C: Give us a Cliffs Notes version of you guys as a band, GO!
OCEANICS: We’re probably the only ‘Single’ band in Queensland. We all enjoy going crazy ‘Broadway Style.’Why do all of the songs on the radio suck? except ours? Girls are our main motivation. Miss Lippy’s car is green

YM&C: Name your biggest musical influence and why.
OCEANICS: Anything to do with The Strokes. Because they just nail it. ‘It’ being

YM&C: Describe your dream concert, venue, bill. etc.
OCEANICS: Any show where the majority of the audience are singing the words back
to me will suffice.

YM&C: Show us a picture of your work space.
Dianna Agron's You Me and Charlie - MEET: Oceanics Workspace

YM&C: One track. One story about the song from your album, GO!
OCEANICS: Every now and then i’ll write a song about the same girl… and old love. This song is about present band life and my inner insanity between the two.

YM&C: On video, sing your most “Charlie” like tune from your new album.

YM&C: Favorite song lyric?
OCEANICS: “Never Needed Anybody”

YM&C: What’s your personal memoir in one sentence.
OCEANICS: I chose passion. Now I’m broke.



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