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Clock Opera Q&A Author:   ·  October 27th, 2012

YM&C: Give us a Cliffs Notes version of you guys as a band, GO!
Clock Opera: Clock Opera. Four men from London (by way of Bristol, Germany & Milton Keynes) who make music with invented instruments, real instruments and laptops. Their first album ‘Ways To Forget’ is out on April 23rd 2012 in the UK and they are very proud of it. They have played with bands like Metronomy & Everything Everything & are currently on their first UK headline tour. They make remixes too, and have a tendency to pick up objects from the side of the road and play them on stage the same night. You should really go and see them.

YM&C: One song you don’t want to admit listening to on repeat (you are admitting it to us because we love you and we’re good at keeping secrets).
CO: Anything by Billy Joel. Not guilty at all. But don’t tell anyone.

YM&C: We loved the recent collab you did with your listeners on SoundCloud, what did you learn from it and where did you get the inspiration to do this? It’s very Charlie, we like.
CO: We really wanted to involve people in our music & how it’s made. We did a lot of the same things on that project as we do when we make our own songs, like taking sounds we stumble across and making them into music. There was quite a range, from cats purring to 4 different types of train. It was also amazing to get the sounds on Friday, make the music over the weekend and hear it on the radio on Monday. Things normally take a lot longer, so that was very exciting.

YM&C: One track. One story about the song from your album, GO!
CO: Man Made  – I read a story about a beauty contest in a Siberian women’s prison, where the winner got parole. It’s was probably all lies (10p magazine) but I thought it would be good material to chop up. It connects to how the idea of female beauty is often decided by men. So I cut it to bits & rearranged it into a lyric, much like Graham Rawle did in his amazing book ‘Woman’s World’

YM&C: Favorite non-instrument to use as an instrument. GO!
CO: Battery-powered hand fan (makes a great noise when held up against my desk). It’s also got a programmable light, so I can make it spell out our name when I play it.

YM&C: Answer your first thought, free association to these words:
BeardAsk first or don’t touch 

Check out Clock Opera’s newly released video for their upcoming single, “The Lost Buoys” below:


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