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Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Valentine's Day Playlist

Melody Darlene
V-Day Playlist! Author:   ·  February 14th, 2013

Happy V-day y’all! In addition to the lovely YM&&C photo series, “A La Mode,” that we premiered for you guys this morning, we have another gift! Earlier this week we asked you to share some of your favorite love songs. We pulled some of your suggestions and included some of our own and created a YM&C Valentine’s Day Playlist. There are some oldy but goodies and some of our new favorites for you to enjoy.

And to all my lonely hearts out there (mine included), Coloud Headphones came up with this genius meme maker to spread the love today and everyday. They launched 4neveralone.com because technically you’re never really alone when you’re listening to great music. Annnnd we have to say, this playlist is pretty great. The meme’s are fun too (I’ve already sent out a few of my own – addicting), here’s my meme to our lovely editor Jessica Eden:
Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Coloud Headphones

Pick an attitude based on how you’re feeling (I chose happy). Choose a music style that fits your mood (I selected R&B). Select a friend or two from Facebook that you want to send the greeting to (Jess). Finally, customize the greeting to make it personal (boobears, tatertots, & things). It’s interactive too. Yuuup, that lil ugly guy in the pic is anmiated! LOL! Watch the one I made for Jess: www.4neveralone.com/shared/511d629fefc95

Soo while you’ve got our V-Day playlist spinnin’ in the background, go to www.4neveralone.com and cheer up yourself and your friends with 4Never Alone.

Happy V-day lovahs!



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