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Kelly Straw
The Jane Doze: “Can’t Get Enough Eleanor Rigby” [Exclusive Premiere + Free Download] Author:   ·  November 23rd, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good mashup? Meet The Jane Doze: up-and-coming darlings of the DJ circuit and curators of your next party playlist.

Cranking out undeniably danceable remixes for the past two years, NYC-based mashup maestros Jen & Claire are quickly becoming a fan favorite among digital tastemakers. Their contagiously energetic mixes layer unexpected vocal pairings with multi-faceted backbeats…this is not your high school mix tape.

Their newest release, “Can’t Get Enough Eleanor Rigby” seamlessly weaves together the rap stylings of J. Cole (ft. Trey Songs) with a Feature Cuts Remix of The Beatles. On paper this seems like a potentially odd combination, but the resulting arrangement has a rhythmic alignment that just works.

This mix is an audible gem, carrying a subtly powerful energy while maintaining the emotion of the original tracks from which the stems were plucked.

If you are already familiar with The Jane Doze, “Can’t Get Enough Eleanor Rigby” is clearly a departure from their notoriously pop/EDM-focused favorites. According to Jen and Claire, this is a calculated debut: “We wanted to release this because it shows our ability to work outside of our usual genres. It’s fun to break outside of our comfort zone.” (They also happen to be big fans of J. Cole).

So what’s next? The Jane Doze are gearing up to release a new mix tape before the New Year. For those of you in NYC you can catch them at Webster Hall tonight (tickets HERE).

You, Me & Charlie presents the first listen (and free download!) of the track here:

Check out the rest of their mashups here: www.soundcloud.com/thejanedoze


Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

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