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DIanna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Spencer Moya's Top 5 Songs of 2012

Spencer Moya
Spencer Moya’s Top 5 Songs of 2012 Author:   ·  December 25th, 2012

2012 was a good year for music. Lots of artists I’ve been appreciating for a while have finally broken through to new successes, and some incredibly talented new artists popped up and made a statement in music. The music game is changing, and independent artists are finally starting to get mainstream recognition. I’m all about the arts, and amazing artists across all mediums will hopefully get the recognition they deserve in 2013. That’s what YM&C is all about – exposing people to good things they might not have been exposed to otherwise. I hope I’ve been able to expose you to wonderful new music that truly speaks to you, and I hope to continue doing so into 2013!

That being said, and as hard as it was to do, here are my personal top 5 favorite tracks from 2012, in no particular order. These songs each mean something different to me, and they’re all here for different reasons. Some have incredible melodies, some are lyrically perfect. One has a thrashing guitar riff that moves me like nothing has all year. Music… it’s a beautiful thing. :)

I think they’re best heard with good headphones, a dark room, with closed eyes and an open mind. Enjoy!

Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - The NeighbourhoodThe Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”: The Neighbourhood has perfected the fusion of hip hop style beats with an indie rock touch. Sweater Weather was the song to my summer, and a perfect introduction to the band.


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - The 1975 "The City"The 1975 – “The City”: I had to have a good anthemic song here… I love those types of songs oh so much. The City is a song you can sing along to. Shake your head to. Drive into the sunset to. Yeah, it’s one of those songs.


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie -  Milo Greene - "Don't Give Up On Me"Milo Greene – “Don’t You Give Up On Me”: Don’t You Give Up On Me – You know Milo Greene is one of my favorite bands. I think I’ve featured them here more than any other artist. This was the song that made me truly love them. The lyrics, the harmonies… best.


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Sucre - "Hiding Out"Sucre – “Hiding Out”: This entire album is put together so perfectly, and if I had to choose a best album based on instrumentation alone, this would be it. I think “Hiding Out” showcases the albums strength. Just wonderful.


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie -  Now Now - "Thread"Now, Now – “Thread”: Opposite of Sucre’s sweet, soothing sounds, I had to include this thrasher of a song. Now, Now is a little harder than lots of indie rock thats being played nowadays. They took a risk, and it works. This song makes you feel. The guitar riffs (you’ll know them when you hear them) stay with you. The vocals feel very interweaved within the song itself, and everything comes together beautifully. Not to mention, their live show is incredible.

*Honorable Mention: Animal Kingdom – Strange Attractor

Happy Holidays!



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