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POLIÇA Author:   ·  December 4th, 2012

In Polish, the word “Polica” means policy. Front woman Channy Leaneagh once told MPR news that the name was a reference to the “policy” or code that guides artists when they play together. They’ve got this code down, as evidenced by their live performances. My first introduction to Polica was at a live show, and I instantly fell in love. Live, Polica has such an interesting energy that’s almost intoxicating. Their album, “Give You The Ghost”, brings this intoxicating sound and energy to iPods and happy eardrums everywhere.

*If you are unable to stream via Spotify in your country, click here to listen to some tracks from “Give You The Ghost” on Soundcloud.

Polica’s sound is part abstract, part symphony, and wholly incredible. It’s no wonder Justin Vernon of “Bon Iver” called them the best band he’s ever heard. Polica brings a completely different and totally refreshing sound to the Independent music scene. They use lots of different noises and effects that weave together to create something unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Take a listen, and tell me what you think in the comments. x

PS: If you think Channy’s vocals sound different or maybe a little off, they’re meant to – She uses Auto-Tune (her favorite effect) and many different effects petals to make her voice sound unique. It fits perfectly with the vibe and mood of the band, and makes her voice much more of an instrument that meshes and twirls around the notes her other band members play. LOVE.

Dianna Agron's You, Me and Charlie - Polica@ThisIsPolica
Give You the Ghost - POLIÇA

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