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New Music From Blondfire! Author:   ·  February 21st, 2014

You may have heard this band’s music being featured in a Honda commercial, or even more recently playing on the runway for NYFW. If not, don’t worry because I am very pleased to introduce you to this brother sister duo known as, get ready, Blondfire! A super rad name that represents their cool and earthy sounds with song titles like “Walking With Giants” and “Waves.”

I recently rediscovered this band as I was sitting at a dead stop in traffic a couple of days ago. I immediately went on a listening spree and rekindled my love for this amazing band.

They just released their debut album Young Heart and it’s the perfect example of feel-good music. Their lyric, “parties in the wilderness of life” is a true representation of what Blondfire is all about, so start listening and living, Charlies!

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