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Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - Spotify

Melody Darlene
Favorite Things: Spotify Author:   ·  November 29th, 2012

Next up on our YM&C Favorite Things is Spotify. The greatest thing since sliced bread, Spotify will forever change the way you listen to music. Where do I even begin?? No longer do you have to worry about space on your computer or phone to store music. No longer do you have to worry about saving your dinero to buy all of your favorite songs. No longer do you have to have stacks of mixed CDs. No longer do you have to sit by the tape recorder in hopes of being able to record your favorite song off the radio *pause* — actually, that might be before your time. You get the idea! Spotify is a new way to listen to music, providing millions of songs at your finger tips… for freeeeeee!

In addition to making playlists, Spotify is social and connects to your Facebook so that you can see and listen to what your friends are currently playing. You can also subscribe to your friends’ playlists so that you have easy access to their songs and to be notified when they add something new. Discovering and sharing music with your friends has never been easier.

As I mentioned before, Spotify is free, but if you sign up for a Premium account, you can take your tunes mobilely wherever you go. With a Premium account you can listen in your car, on your phone, or on a plane sans an internet connection.  What better gift than the gift of music for the holidays??

Have a listen to our “That’s So Charlie” playlist below; we’ve included artists we’ve featured on the site. Also, be sure to find us and subscribe to OUR Spotify profile – YouMeAndCharlie where we’ll constantly be adding playlists from our Editors, Guest DJs, and of course… YOU!

Who do you want to see added to the “That’s So Charlie” playlist?

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