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Alekesam – “Summer Jams” [Video] Author:   ·  December 21st, 2012

How would you spend your last hours if the world were to end today? Luckily the 21st of December has arrived and the earth (at least, the YM&C HQ) seems relatively unscathed. But, the question is still interesting to explore and Alekasam (previously featured here) does just that in his newly released video for “Summer Jams”. The track is one of our favorites off his most recent album, The Sound of Alekesam and the video is centered around the idea that “when faced with certain doom, our final moments — like almost all of the moments of our lives — are best spent with the ones we love”.

After a few doomsday-esque opening shots depicting gritty footage of looters and riots, a banner reading “Arma-get-down” is raised. Soon enough, everyone in the video is having the “party of lifetime” (so to speak).  The video is full of interesting juxtapositions and contrasts between fear and joy, and the effect is surprisingly calming. Fitting for the song’s lyrics:

“All we ever wanted… All we ever needed… Is here right now.”

Watch, dance, celebrate, and let us know what you would do if you only had 1 day left in the comments below!


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