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Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC

Melody Darlene
#CityGuideYMC Author:   ·  October 13th, 2012

We’re receiving so many amazing images from around the world for our City Guide Creative Challenge! Keep sending in your pictures from your favorite places in your city. At the end of the month, once the challenge is complete, we’ll create a city guide with a collection of the images you submit.

Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC

Puerto Montt, Chile – “Puerto Montt is a small place, surrounded by four hills, sea and island in front. Their houses are made of wood (mostly) and although it is a modern city, you can still see small boats, with nice people working at sea.” – Suzie Mardones


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC
Washington DC
–  “DC has some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. The town has both old and new buildings but both are/were made/remade in such perfect manner than blows your mind every time you see it. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and while I love my city, DC stole my heart faster than any other I know thus far.” – Stefania Gómez


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC
Brown’s Park (Laguna Beach, Ca) – “[This is] one of my favorite artistic creations of all time. It’s at Brown’s Park in Laguna Beach. There’s also a sculpture at the entrance to the park of chairs and a table with a book. So much cool art.” – Kallie Larsen


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC
Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site (Philadelphia, PA) –  This is one of my many favorite places in the city for its castle-like structure, beautiful state of ruin, and rich, dark history. Plus, it serves as an interesting venue for unique art installations and displays. As a photographer, I find that ESP is a dream location with so much color, texture, and architecture. – Kelly Vincent


Dianna Agron's You Me & Charlie - City Guide #CityGuideYMC
Fuente de la Cibeles “Cibeles Fountain” (Mexico City, Mexico) –  “It’s a replica from the original one that is in Madrid, Spain. This place is famous because it’s located near downtown and some of the most important places in the city, like La Condesa, that is where the best bars and clubs are located and also the best art schools. If you go on weekends you can find people taking photos and painting near the fountain. It’s a beautiful place to go and I recommend it.” – Ana Paula Canales


This week show us your favorite go-to places… the coolest thrift stores, the best restaurants, the cutest cafes, the funnest attractions! Show us the places in your city that you frequent; the places you love.  :]


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