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Melody Darlene
CREATE: Violeta Tapia Author:   ·  September 8th, 2012

This past week’s creative challenge came from YM&C Editor, Claire Oring, who challenged you all to recreate your dreams in an artistic way. We received poems, stories, and pictures, but the stand-out this week comes from 14 year old Violeta Tapia from Argentina. Yes… FOURTEEN! The young Tapia created a short film about dreams. My favorite part of this wonderful submission was the the tears pouring and transforming into… well… you’ll have to watch! Here’s what Tapia had to say about her submission:

Dreams are something mysterious and unreal, and know the meaning of them is very interesting. I love drawing and writing, but but it occurred to me to create something new, a short film.

So I called my cousin, that studied film, and she told me some tips to start my job. My father, that is a musician, did the music. Like Dianna says, you don´t have to be the better filmer or have the better camera, you have to put a smile on your face and do it the better you can.

Keep on creating Violeta. We look forward to watching your artistry continue to blossom!

@ UltraVioletum

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