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Vanessa Corral
February 12th, 2015

Get Lost With Royal Tongues

There are times when you find something so incredibly cool that you simply cannot contain your excitement or stop smiling like a kid on Christmas day. I was lucky enough to experience those feelings when I randomly, but so gratefully found this musical gem titled, “The Balance” by Royal Tongues. Read More

Dale Arden Chong February 6th, 2015

Meet LANY: Dream Pop Meets R&B

When I was introduced to LANY I knew immediately that I would love them. Not only am I fan of 80s inspired music, but I’m also really diggin’ the explosion of electro-pop music that’s been happening lately. Read More

Heather O'Connell February 3rd, 2015

YM&C Exclusive Q&A And New Single Premiere With Jordan JAE

I absolutely love it when I find out about talented new artists, so when I was introduced to Jordan JAE you could say it was love at first listen.

She may only be 15 years old but she has a voice that would make you think she’s been singing for much longer. From her covers to her original songs there’s not much this girl can’t sing. Read More